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At Blythe Financial we are very aware that the requirements of this particular group of investors are very different to other categories of investor. The need to balance potentially competing requirements of settlors and beneficiaries (not to mention protectors where they exist) is difficult to achieve as it is often a competition between the need to preserve capital and the need to produce a satisfactory growth in the trust fund.

We are very experienced in dealing with these situations and can help trustees to achieve a sensible investment mandate, in line with the requirements of the Trustee Act 2001 and their general fiduciary responsibility, as well as provide recommendations for investments that are better performing than cash but less risky than investing in a portfolio of stocks and shares. Our current trust portfolios are well diversified and have various non-market correlated assets as well as market and geographical exposure. We also regularly look out for suitable investment products for this niche market and have a range of strategies to meet every investment need.

Our service to this sector also incorporates a thorough and comprehensive review process with regular advice on profit taking, rebalancing of portfolios and alternative investments.

For more information on how Blythe Financial can help you in this area, please contact us by email.

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