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At Blythe Financial, we recognise that you have different financial objectives and appetites for risk and, through our review service we can offer a solution that best suits your needs.  We offer tailor made diversified portfolios for either lump sum investments, regular savings plans or a combination of both.  These can include gilts, bonds, equities, property and commodities but could even extend to fine art and classic cars to name but a few.

Based on the information gathered in our initial meeting, your portfolio will be built around your circumstances, your objectives and your risk profile.  We will establish whether you have the capacity to invest for a minimum of 5 years, with a lump sum or on a regular contributory basis, whilst still maintaining sufficient liquid cash for the “rainy day fund”.

We will match the choice of funds to your objectives – whether that is pure capital growth, a provision of regular income or a combination of both.  Finally, your attitude towards risk will be factored into the choice of funds to ensure that your risk exposure matches your profile.

We also realise that life is constantly changing through personal circumstances or external factors, so we regularly review your objectives, circumstances and risk profile to ensure that your portfolio reflects where you are at that time.

Most asset managers measure their performance and balance their portfolio against an agreed benchmark. Blythe Financial is however fundamentally opposed to such an approach and our preference is to try to modify the risk profile of a portfolio within the maximum risk tolerance limits set out by the client.  Put simply, if the market is going to fall, an investor is better served being advised to exit the market and invest defensively and vice versa.  A key issue of course is the timing of those calls.

As and when market conditions change it is important to modify the portfolio to either take advantage of improving market conditions or defend against worsening conditions.  We will therefore also send you periodic recommendations, as sanctioned by our Investment Committee, in relation to any changes to your holdings that we believe would be beneficial.

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